Iqaluit, Nunavut (April 29, 2021) – The Inuit Broadcasting Corporation’s (IBC) popular series Uakallanga! (Wow,
impressive!) is returning to Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN) for season 3 with a brand-new host,
13 new episodes and an infectious energy you can’t afford to miss, starting Monday.
The concept of turning nothing into something extraordinary is exactly what Inuit have been doing for centuries
for survival, function and purpose. In this series, we discover the incredible items made traditionally by Inuit
and immerse ourselves in how these unique creations are made and used today.
“This season is full of interesting guests that take the time to teach me their craft and pass on priceless
traditional knowledge. Getting contemporary and traditional Inuit content out there has been our driving
force. Tune in and learn with me so that this too may continue with us,” Uakallanga!’s new host, Teena Kakee
Season 3 is full of impressive content and connections as we join Teena on her journey around Nunavut learning
priceless skills from artisans and elders who enjoy sharing their knowledge and skills.
In Cambridge Bay, she learns how to make a mother hubbard parka and in Arviat she’s taught how to make a
puukammaluk, or men’s hunting bag. Her trip to Naujaat results in Teena learning how make a drill out of
caribou parts and also a seal skin sling shot. Teena tries out her sewing skills by making an impressive 8-person
canvas tent in Iqaluit and wields an igloo building machete in Taloyoak.
Uakallanga! will Premiere on APTN’s North feed on May 3rd at 7:30 pm (CT) and will air at 9:00 am and 7:30 pm
(CT) every Monday until July 26th
“IBC continues to bring new, high-quality Inuktitut content to Inuit throughout the region,showcasing television
programming by Inuit, for Inuit despite any challenges we face. We have over a thousand archive videos
available to the public on Youtube and are working on new productions all the time. We hope you enjoy this
new season of Uakallanga! and are inspired to try something new.” says Manitok Thompson, CEO of IBC.
Uakallanga! is a 13-episode series in Inuktitut with English subtitles. Uakallanga! will air Mondays @ 9:00 am (CT)
and 7:30 PM (CT) on the APTN North Feed staring May 3rd, 2021.


For more information contact:

Karen Prentice, Communications Director
Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
(226) 222 8742


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