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Kikkik E1-472

During the 1950’s famine in the Canadian Arctic, Kikkik, an Inuk woman, killed a man in self-defense and then found herself in the position of having to leave two of her five children on the tundra. She was tried for murder and criminal negligence and subsequently acquitted.

Her daughter, Elisapee Karetak lives in Arviat, Nunavut and has spent many years tracing the events of her family’s story. Elisapee’s brothers and sisters as well as many members of the Inuit community who lived through the ordeal have wanted and needed to reveal their memories.

Directed by Martin Kreelak, Kikkik E1-472 focuses on the impact to the Ahiarmiut community when they were relocated – the tragedy that led to the famine and the deaths at Henik Lake in the winter of 1958.

Kikkik E1-472 unwraps the memory of the few surviving elders, and Elisapee’s siblings Annacatha and Karlak.

Produced by the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, Kikkik E1-472 is directed by Martin Kreelak and written by Elisapee Karetak. Ole Gjerstad, who directed and produced the English-language film, is co-producer. Original theme song performed by Susan Aglukark.

A one-hour English version of KIKKIK was produced by Ole Gjerstad and Elisapee Karetak and broadcast in 2000 on WTN, garnering two Gemini Award nominations.

Language: Inuktitut
English, French subtitles
Audience: General
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