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Inuit Broadcasting Corporation Premiere Dates for Fall Schedule 2011

(September 8, 2011:  Iqaluit, Nunavut) Inuit Broadcasting Corporation is pleased to announce the following dates and times for broadcast of its regular weekly series beginning this week on APTN.

IBC is introducing two new series this year – Qanurli? and Ilinniq.   Qanurli? (What Now?)  is a youth program with comedy segments and focuses on current youth issues.  Qanurli? features some charming and delightful characters - Inuk Qablunaaq and Nipangi Suittuq.  Ilinniq targets the older audience and profiles a variety of people from all of Nunavut’s regions - elders, politicians and volunteers, and provides in-depth insight into who they are and how they came to be where they are in their life.  Featured in this series are Ollie Ittinuar, James Eetoolook, Natsiq Kango amongst others.

Takuginai is geared towards children 5-7 year olds, but is enjoyed by all ages.  The half hour program teaches Inuit values and plays a major role in promoting the Inuit language, as does all IBC programming.

Niqitsiat is a cooking show enjoyed by people of all ages.   Niqitsiat features the preparation and cooking of Inuit traditional foods – hosted  by the ever popular Rebecca Veevee. 

Each series consists of 13 episodes and have been produced by IBC regional centres in in Iqaluit, Ottawa, Rankin Inlet, Igloolik and Taloyoak.

Qanuq Isumavit, IBC’s popular live phone-in show, will return to air in January 2012. 

Niqitsiat airs Friday @ 2:00pm ET, MT, CT on all feeds
Niqitsiat airs 8:00pm ET Wednesday on the NORTH Feed only

Ilinniq airs Friday @ 2:30pm ET, MT, CT on all feeds
Ilinniq airs 8:00pm ET Friday on the NORTH Feed only

Qanurli? airs Friday @ 8:00pm ET Thursday on the NORTH feed only
Qanurli? airs Friday @ 3:00pm ET, MT, CT on all feeds

Takuginai  Inuktitut runs Tuesday & Saturday @ 9:30am ET on the North Feed
Takuginai IX – XI Inuktitut runs Mon – Sun @ 8:00am CT on the North Feed
Takuginai IX – XI Inuktitut runs Tues & Fri @ 7:30am ET & MT on East & West feeds
Takuginai IX – XI English runs Thurs @ 8:00am ET, MT on East & West feeds

For more information, please contact:

Monica Ell, Director of Programming:
(867) 979-6231, monica@inuitbroadcasting.ca or

Debbie Brisebois, Executive Director:
(613) 235-1892 ext 232, debbie@inuitbroadcasting.ca

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